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Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks enable organisations that provide opportunities or services for children and vulnerable adults to access information to assist in recruitment decisions. The check will show the club if an individual has any convictions relating to abusing children or vulnerable adults (and sexual offences) and will show if an individual is barred from working with children.

BaseballSoftballUK is a registered body with the DBS and is able to administer checks on behalf of clubs and teams affiliated with either the British Baseball Federation or the British Softball Federation.

Who requires an enhanced DBS check?

  • Those people who are in a position where they are regularly responsible for children and young people, e.g. club officers

  • Coaches who work with children (all BSUK Licenced Coaches are DBS-checked)

  • Safeguarding Officers within clubs, leagues and national team programmes

​For full details of who requires a DBS check, please download DBS Guidance for Clubs from the 'Advice links' section below.

Frequency of completing a DBS check

BaseballSoftballUK, the British Baseball Federation and the British Softball Federation all require a DBS check to be completed yearly.

Once you receive your DBS Check

The result of the DBS check is sent directly to the person who applied for it, so once it is received the check must be shown to the club (to prove that the individual is ‘cleared’ to work with children, and there is nothing that would concern the club about the individual) and a copy sent to BaseballSoftballUK for them to keep on file. BaseballSoftballUK must get a copy of all checks completed.

How do you apply?

Members of clubs should contact the BaseballSoftballUK office to apply for a DBS check. This can be done by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by calling 020 7453 7055.

It is important that you fill in the DBS form correctly, as any errors will result in the form being returned to you and the checking process being delayed. Guidelines are provided with the form when you fill it in, and the BSUK Point Person can help answer any questions you have.

You must also read and sign the DBS Privacy Policy Declaration sheet and return it with your completed DBS form. Applications will not be processed unless the signed declaration sheet is included.

What does it cost?

The enhanced DBS check is £40 for paid people and free for volunteers.

Portability of previous checks

Generally, BaseballSoftballUK is not able to accept DBS disclosure certificates from other organisations. DBS checks are not currently transferable unless the individual is signed up to the update service and the original DBS check that was carried out checked the same information as BaseballSoftballUK would check.  Please talk to us to see if we can accept your check carried out by another party.

For further information visit the DBS website and read our DBS Guidance for Clubs (in the 'Advice links' section below).

BaseballSoftballUK contact

If you are unsure who needs a DBS check within your club or league please contact Mark Caress, BaseballSoftballUK Safeguarding Officer on 020 7453 7055 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Advice links

Advice on who needs a check, please download DBS Guidance for Clubs.

For advice on completing the DBS check please download DBS Checks Essentials

For advice for the ‘Responsible Person’ completing a DBS check please download DBS Checks - Responsible Person Information

If required, you can download a continuation sheet for the DBS form.

For information on the update service, download DBS Update Service

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