Use of Photographs and Video

BaseballSoftballUK may assign members of its staff or others to take photographs or video at its own events, or at baseball or softball events run by the British Baseball or Softball Federations, leagues, clubs, teams or other organisations, including tournaments held overseas in which British national or club teams are involved.  

Images and/or footage from such events may be used for purposes of editorial coverage or promotion, which may include use in printed documents or electronic media, including our websites and social media channels.  Participants who are unwilling to allow their images to be used in these ways must inform the event organisers prior to the event, and event organisers must devise a suitable plan to ensure that images of those participants who choose to opt out are not used.

For more details, please read the BaseballSoftballUK Photographic Policy and Permission Form and the National Teams Photographic Policy.

Submitting photos or video

BaseballSoftballUK will accept photos and video footage from other sources on the understanding that the images are compliant with our wider Photographic Policy, that all necessary permissions have been agreed, that no copyright issues are involved and that any persons or persons opting out as described above are not shown in the photos or footage submitted.

If submitting photographs or video for use by BaseballSoftballUK, please fill in the Photo Sharing Form.


The above is also subject to our Website Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

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