Return to Play: Indoor Guidance Launched

Mon 21 Sep 2020

Following the successful approval of BaseballSoftballUK's Return to Play Plan for outdoor activity, BSUK is pleased to now launch official guidance for indoor baseball and softball in England, Wales and Scotland. 

Activity comprising training, coaching and games for up to 30 Participants (including players, coaches, managers, umpires, organisers and volunteers) remains permitted. The guidance is closely based on the outdoor guidance you will now be familiar with and, importantly, there remain no game-specific rule modifications at this time – including for training and coaching activity. Instead, guidance continues to focus on health and safety-based protocols for social distancing, droplet transmission and equipment hygiene, with important new considerations for indoor venues, highlighted below:

  1. Social distancing remains essential and examples of how to achieve this include:
    1. Fielders should remain 2m away from an offensive player who is occupying a base unless in a tag play situation
    2. Batters waiting to take their turn should be 2m apart.
    3. Catchers and umpires should be positioned 1m+ apart, using tape to mark out positions. If they are within 2m, it is strongly suggested they wear a face covering.
    4. A safety line extending 2m from home plate (front corner) should be marked out with masking tape for baserunners to run through in order to minimise contact via tag plays (which remain permitted).
  2. Face coverings should be worn before and after activity and when in non-playing areas of the facility. They are mandatory within facilities in Scotland, although exemptions for health conditions or certain disabilities apply nationally.
  3. Shouting or loud celebrations aren’t permitted at any time; coaches should use a mic, ideally their own head mic, when teaching.
  4. Venue capacity should determine the numbers of participants: the recommendation when reviewing activity spaces/courts is that a minimum of 9sqm per person is allocated.
  5. Venues should provide adequate ventilation.

Key documents that have been updated and added to reflect this include:

We’ve also shared sportScotland's Operational Guidance for Indoor Halls which is useful when working with venues, and also for coaches.


Finally, we would ask that you remain mindful of local and national Government advice and restrictions which remain subject to change at short notice. With the introduction of the ‘Rule of Six’ in England last Monday, participation in organised sport and activity that have been through return to play protocols may continue. All Baseball and softball activity that you take part in should continue to be formally organised by a qualified instructor, league/club/team, company, charity, NGB or affiliating body. Read Sport England’s Frequently Asked Questions on their Coronavirus hub.

Thank you for your support in applying this guidance to help keep our baseball and softball community a safe one.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the Return to Play guidance, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or contact your BaseballSoftballUK Development Manager.

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