North West Series 2 recap - Sunshine in the North

Mon 21 Jun 2021

This past weekend saw yet another fantastic set of softball days in Manchester, with plenty of sunshine on offer.

The weekend


Saturday was dedicated to the Rec level teams, playing a full round-robin into straight finals, giving seven games to each team!

The Yorkshire Dales, cleverly managed by John Fletcher, didn't lose a game in the round-robin portion of play and took on the 4-2 Tigers in the 1st vs 2nd final. Unfortunately for the Yorkshire team, experienced Tigers manager Dave Wareham was ready to show his stripes, snatching the trophy by a score of eight to five in a very tense final.

Manchester Tigers

The newly formed Manchester Raiders made their debut over the weekend, featuring a team full of players who started playing softball less than 6 weeks ago! These players attended the Manchester Softball League rookie sessions lead by BSUK coach Linni Mitchell. 

Raiders captain Richard Valentine said, "We had a great day, despite losing every match - but hey, we're rookies and we had a couple of close games! We're hoping to join the expanded Manchester Softball League in Divisions 3 and 4 from 13 July and can't wait to get out on the diamond again!"

Manchester Raiders


Sunday's Comp day came with a threat of rain - but it turned out to be just damp grass early in the morning. The day went beautifully from there, with the weather making players wear both suncream and jumpers on and off!

The Comp teams were split into two round-robin groups to qualify into a semifinal leading to the trophy winning final.

The semifinals featured drama, with both games ending with by walk-off hits. The Manchester Thunder topped Group B, but trailed behind Mayhem in the semifinal until Loz Birch smashed a walk-off home run. In the Group A Semifinal, the Mavericks (1st in Group A) took Spittin' Camels into extra innings, with Jane Curley providing the heroics and a walk-off double to send the Mavs to a well awaited final.

The final didn't disappoint, with experienced Mavs' pitcher Pete Nightingale keeping the Thunder under control until the final frame, when Robbie Studholme struck with the home field advantage to leave the Mavs off the field with a walk off home-run for the trophy.


The final standings for the Rec Competition on Saturday were:

  1. Tigers
  2. Yorkshire Dales
  3. Freeze
  4. Southport Seagulls
  5. Stingers
  6. Thunder
  7. Manchester Raiders

The final standings for the Comp Division on Sunday were:

  1. Manchester Thunder
  2. Mavericks
  3. Mayhem & Spittin’ Camels
  4. Sharks
  5. Leeds Terriers
  6. Meerkats
  7. Bats
  8. Humpin’ Camels
  9. Leeds Bobcats


All games were played in such a great spirit. BSUK's Luis Arrevillagas commented, "I love the North West Series tournaments more and more; To see them grow and to see new teams playing for the first time make each weekend very worthwhile. I'm so grateful that teams from across the UK, Yorkshire and Merseyside travel to Manchester to compete - but more importantly to have so much fun. People need that!"

Linni Mitchel said, "The atmosphere is so great, everyone is so friendly, people just want to compete and have fun. We have been running these for a few years now, but 2021 has definitely been the most amazing year yet!"

BSUK would also like to thank all the BASU umpires, in particular crew chief Paul Fagan, who made the weekend very enjoyable for all. Also, BSUK wants to thank Tom Wrightson and Baseball Outlet, BSUK's Official Supplier, for spending the weekend with us!


Standing for the series after NWS2 are:


The final North West series 3 tournament takes place on 21st and 22nd August, get your team register in the links below or get in touch with .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

21st August - NWS3 REC 
22nd August - NWS3 COMP

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