Maidenhead Softball Club gains Clubmark accreditation

Thu 24 May 2018

Maidenhead Softball Club, which plays in the Windsor and Maidenhead Softball League in Berkshire, has successfully achieved Sport England’s sports club accreditation standard, Clubmark.

The award recognises Maidenhead Softball Club for providing a well-run, responsive, safe and welcoming environment for members and is testament to the hard work and development-focused mindset at the club.

Going through the process of Clubmark accreditation involved the club liaising with BaseballSoftballUK Point Person Patrick Knock and submitting evidence online across a range of criteria, followed by a club site visit.

Club Chair Alan Le Marquand was delighted to see his club attain Clubmark status and recognises the benefits of going through the process.

"The Clubmark process has helped us to ensure we have the right processes, skills and structure in place to enable us to develop and grow as a club,” Alan said.  “With the accreditation, we can now work with schools and other institutions and provide a way for them to validate our set-up, processes and commitment to a continual path of assessment and improvement."


Alan feels that the three main benefits the club has experienced as a result of working through the process are:

  • Validation of the club’s existing structure and processes.
  • Formalising processes in written form.
  • Better communication with members

BaseballSoftballUK encourages all baseball and softball clubs to think about progressing towards Clubmark accreditation through programme’s online portal:

Most clubs that start the process find that they are well on the way to achieving accreditation without having realised it.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Higher standards of welfare, equity, coaching and management in community sports clubs.
  • Making sure the nation’s sports club infrastructure is safer, stronger and more successful.
  • Accredited clubs will provide an environment which ensures the welfare of members and encourages everyone to enjoy sport and stay involved throughout their lives.
  • Accredited clubs are recognised as safe, rewarding and fulfilling places for participants of all ages, ensuring parents and carers that that they have chosen the right club for their children.

Your BaseballSoftballUK Point Person will be able to help you work through the accreditation process or answer questions about it.

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