BSUK supports World Mental Health Day

Thu 5 Oct 2017

It’s World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October.

One in four of us -- and that includes baseball and softball players in Britain -- will experience mental health problems this year.  But having a mate, family member or a colleague in your corner can make all the difference.

BSUK is supporting Time to Change, a growing movement that’s changing how we all think and act about mental health.

It’s easy to dismiss mental health problems as something that only affects others.  But with so many people experiencing mental health issues every year, it can happen to any of us, including teammates, friends, family members or work colleagues.

Without support from others, people with mental health problems can lose what they care about most.  It’s a time when they need their mates, family and colleagues more than ever.  So if someone you know is acting differently, don't be afraid to step in.

You don’t have to be an expert to be supportive.  It can be as simple as checking in with someone, asking them how they’re doing, listening and not judging -- just being there and being yourself.

You can find out more about Time to Change and their In Your Corner campaign at  Time to Change is run by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, and thousands of organisations like BSUK are joining the campaign to help make change happen.

For ways that you can make a difference in the life of someone suffering from a mental health problem, click here to watch a helpful video or search #InYourCorner online.

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