National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
  • Childline

    A national counselling service specially for children and young people.
  • Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC)

    Financial support and benefits to clubs which incorporate the community into their plans.
  • Running Sports

    Really useful links and resources for sports clubs.
  • Fantasy Baseball UK

    UK-based fantasy baseball league, originally set up in collaboration with BaseballSoftballUK and Channel Five's MLB show but still going strong as an independent site.
  • British Baseball Federation

    The national governing body for British baseball and joint shareholder in BSUK (with the BSF)
  • Go Mammoth

    Go Mammoth is a new and exciting sports social club that run friendly and accessible softball leagues in London, in partnership with BSUK.
  • ASA Bat Regulations

    The Amateur Softball Association of America regulations governing banned bats and other equipment, which are followed in Britain and Europe.
  • European Softball Federation (ESF)

    Governing body for European softball, to which national governing bodies affiliate.
  • British Association Of Softball Umpires (BASU)

    The official body for softball umpires in the UK.

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