Sports Travel Insurance

Travelling baseball and softball teams (including Great Britain national teams) should ensure that they have adequate sports travel insurance in place when taking place in competition overseas. This is an additional cover that is not provided through the usual BBF and BSF public liability and personal accident policies. 

Trip managers can choose to either organise group travel insurance for the whole team or ensure that team members obtain cover individually. The advantages of a group policy are that it ensures every team member is insured to the same level and it would allow for the whole team to travel back in the case of injuries or illnesses rather than only the individual concerned. It might also enable you to secure a reduced rate per person by buying in bulk.

If asking individuals to obtain their own cover, please make sure that they each understand the level that is required.

Key criteria to look for in a policy:

  • Check that the policy covers taking part in baseball and softball in organised competition and tournaments; some insurers will only cover 'casual' play.
  • Cover should include medical expenses as well as simply compensation for an injury. For example, an accident that occurs in the USA could result in expensive medical and repatriation bills.
  • Compensation for the value of sports equipment if lost, stolen or damaged. Enhanced cover might include emergency hire of replacement equipment.
  • If in doubt, ask the insurer to provide written confirmation of what is covered so that you can be sure it covers your specific needs before buying.


Protectivity Sports Travel Insurance will provide cover for the whole time that you are on a trip away from home. It will cover you for any general travel issues, plus any issues related to the chosen sport(s). Cover is provided for your chosen sport, plus all other sports in the same sports group or lower groups.

Policies can be single trip or annual multi-trip. Annual policies allow multiple single trips of up to 90 days each. There are three levels of cover available to choose from which allow you to select how much cover you require for cancellation, baggage, sports equipment, etc.

To get a quote from Protectivity, please click the image below:

Protectivity insurance link banner

Other providers will be available so it might be worth shopping around but please ensure that they meet the criteria above.

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