Development Planning

Planning forms a vital part of a club or league’s development and our relationship managers are keen to support partners with this. Whether it be the creation of a new plan (which we can help with), looking at specific areas of an existing one or just some informal discussions to answer any questions you might have, we would love to hear from you.

Plan support

We have our own Development Plan template which links handily to our Development Charter content and can assist clubs/leagues with their planning. We would be happy to provide you with and guide you through this process or we can offer advice/examples to help you improve or create your own. 

Club Matters

Our friends over at Sport England have created a brilliant resource called ‘Club Matters’ which has a number of useful tools that link nicely to our Development Charter topics. You can check them out on the Club Matters website.

It is a huge resource so our relationship managers have created a menu of all the resources available so they can advise you what is available to suit. They are also currently offering a variety of virtual workshops on a variety of topics that could well be of interest and we would be happy to do the leg work and organise some specifically for our clubs.

If any of the above sounds useful to you or your organisation, then get in touch with your relationship manager for more info!

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