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Luis Arrevillagas

For many years, BaseballSoftballUK has engaged with corporate organisations to help them enjoy the benefits of our sports. 

The relationships have started in many different ways -- companies contacting BSUK, our staff approaching companies, or members of the community linking both organisations together.  Not only has this led to the growth of summer corporate activity, but indoor play has also started to interest corporations looking for a fun sporting activity in the winter.

The benefits of our sports for corporations are very clear.  Staff are always on the lookout for something to do with their colleagues.  Managers are always looking for activities that will help staff to socialise and interact, especially interdepartmental activities, which are proven to improve communication and efficiency at work.

But what is it in for us, the baseball and softball community?  Surely a bit more than being able to charge for facilitating a few afternoons of very basic-level slowpitch softball, even if it does bring in much-needed cash to continue to develop our clubs and leagues.

Below are two key reasons why existing clubs and leagues should try to get corporations involved with our sports, even if it is at a basic level -- not forgetting that BaseballSoftballUK has developed, which will help those members of the community who want to engage with their local corporations.

Money:  Corporations will pay to go ten-pin bowling or Go Karting, and the same applies to a few afternoons of softball.  What would you rather do as a baseball/softball club -- packing at the supermarket or getting outdoors to organise and play a bit of ball and get some funds for your club in the process?  And while you are getting in touch with local companies to invite them for an afternoon of softball, why not throw in the question/option of sponsorship (see my blog on sponsorship here:

Promotion:  When your club delivers an afternoon of fun for a company, it not only reaches out to the 20 or 2000 staff in that company, it also reaches every home, friend and family of the people who took part – so have some flyers ready to give out. 

Tip:  Have you tried the Parents and Friends Association at your children’s school to see if they want to do a combined fundraising afternoon?  You may want to ask those companies you approach whether they have a staff newsletter, intranet, staff canteen etc – all places where they may be able to put your poster up.

So what can you do right now?

Think of the companies in your area.

Is there a local park (if your own venue is not close enough) where they may want to come and play?

Make contact and offer an afternoon of fun.  Please remember that you can always get in touch with your BaseballSoftballUK Point Person for help.

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About Luis Arrevillagas

Luis Arrevillagas

Luis Arrevillagas is the North West Development Manager for BaseballSoftballUK.  Born in Merseyside, he moved to Venezuela when he was two years old and grew up playing baseball from a young age.  Luis moved back to Manchester after finishing university in 1997, and completed a PGCE and taught Languages until 2007.  He has been working for BaseballSoftballUK since 2008.  Luis has played baseball and slowpitch softball for a number of British clubs and teams and was part of the first Team Europe men’s slowpitch team to compete against the USA and Canada in the 2014 Border Battle.  Luis is a qualified European slowpitch umpire and also runs an Under-8 tennis team and helps coach at his local Rugby Union club.

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