LISTEN: 100th Episode of the British Baseball Podcast - “What does baseball mean to you?”



For the 100th episode of the British Baseball Podcast, host Matt Mutton asked the baseball community a simple question: "What does baseball mean to you?"

Here are the answers:

Featuring Drew Spencer, Travis Harfield, Alan Dean, Laura Hirai, Gavin Marshall, Said Bayan, Michael Harrold, Ash Waller, Andy Brown, Ian Blease, John McGee, Jon Carter, Mitchell Vom Scheidt, Josh Chetwynd, Jak Ford Lane, Charlie Brown, Andrew Taylor, Chris Gary, Niall Cafferty, Jason Derr, John McKellar, Max Whittle, Aaron Atkins, Chris Knoblock, Danny Quinn, Mark Salter, Lewis Vargas, James Zaidi, Vince Warner, Phil Carus, Neale Raleigh, Fiona Brambley, Earl Dix, Charlie Capener, David Hayes, Bruce Webb, Joe Steward, Michael Finnegan, Nichole Lim, Nathan Fernando, Will Lintern, Tyler Cote, Thomas Haywood and Ren Quantrill

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